Core Values

Our core values are simple. We value each and every customer and client that chooses us. We want you to be 100% satisfied when using our services and recommend us as the best. We will always place our clients and customers at the forefront of delivering the finest service. We value our ability to be innovators and leaders. We pride ourselves on innovating our CCTV survey technology as the industry advances, so we can deliver a service that and undertake jobs and projects that many other companies are unable to. Our values have been shaped on our clients and our ability to deliver, we stay true to our promise of efficiency, cost effectiveness and reliability.


Our equipment ranges from a straightforward push rod camera for smaller household drainage issues, to High Definition (HD) Wincan crawler cameras that can travel up to 500 meters. We can provide full – colour DVD’s and reports, to full water company standards and criteria. Our sophisticated Mega- Cam crawler is used for larger and longer pipes and encompasses advanced pan and tilt technology. Ideal to service culverts, mainline sewers and many more, this unit comes with an array of specifications such as 500 meters of Kevlar – reinforced cable and four wheel drive.


Quality is a pivotal part of all aspects of CCTV surveys. We believe that quality should never be compromised over cost. A job or project carried out to the highest quality, will always consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of customers and clients. Our fully trained, highly experienced and accredited engineers are trained to OS19X for piped drain and sewers and OS21X for bricked sewers, and have the expertise to fulfill all forms of CCTV surveys.


We consider your time, money and outcome of every job or project.So no matter your requirements we will be on hand to help you. We’ve helped thousands of customers and clients across the UK get to the root of their drainage issues offering a full service solution. With us you will always have flexibility and peace of mind.